Sheldon Thomas

New York, NY

Hi. Thanks for visiting.

I'm just a man who thinks. I write software for a living. That living I currently do in New York City.

If you're here because you want to hire me, please just read my resume and only email me for jobs on topics that actually concern me. I enjoy programming in C++, CoffeeScript, and Objective-C using CMake. I have experience in real time audio/video systems, cryptocurrency, iOS apps, and application servers.

If you're here because you are curious who I am, I am a person who enjoys the works of Philip Roth, Jon Elster, & David Foster Wallace, yacht sailing (certified day skipper), 3d-printing, everything about bitcoin, stock market technical analysis & chart reading, new york nightlife, running, electric cars, programming, and skiing.

You can send me an email. My pgp key is here.

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